Lets get's your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine.


If you want us to provide more than just training, coaching, or consulting, but actually need someone to accomplish the implementation as well. We can turn your plans into reality.


Strategic Accountability and Sales ManagementOnce your plan is in place, it’s important to manage to meet your budgets and forecasts.  We can meet with you on a regular basis to provide accountability for implementation of the sales plan.  Weekly accountability and coaching sessions will keep you totally on track, and even accelerate your progress.   We can also hold weekly sales meetings with your staff, if you would rather have us manage them as an outsourced sales management function.  We provide sales support throughout the week.

We also provide quarterly retreats to assess sales performance and adjust forecasts as appropriate based on the current realities that inevitably change in today’s business environment.  As we implement the process of forecasting, managing to performance, and evaluating performance on a strategic level quarterly, your business will become a will tuned sales machine.


If you haven’t had a lot of experience hiring, training, and bringing sales staff up to speed, there many ways to set yourself up for sales failure.  We have over 30 years of experience in hiring, training and managing the right salespeople in the right way.  We know how to select how design the sales job and find and select the best candidate to achieve your sales objectives.

We begin with economic modeling to know if there is a “sweet spot” where what you can pay, what the job market may require you to pay, and what results your new sales person will need to achieve to make it all work for you.  We can help you budget and plan for the incremental costs until the incremental revenues start pouring in.  We design a compelling comp plan to attract and retain the best sales people.  We help you craft the right job description for the position, with optimal performance standards and expectations.    Our proven 7-Step screening system will make sure you have the best candidates coming on board, who are the most ready, willing and able to help you succeed.  Our training program builds on your internal company and product training and add the sales skills and disciplines to build consistent results.  We even train your new salespeople and keep them accountable for both sales activities and results for at least the first 5 weeks.   Let us take this BIG headache off your hands, and all you need to do is welcome them to the company!


Lead generation is always the final constraint on growth of your company.  If you find it hard to keep up on all the ever-accelerating changes in SEO, Pay-per-click, Social Media, and other channels of lead generation, and would like to use your CPU on other things that seem more in your control, we have the professionals to help.  Having managed $30-$40K per month budgets, across hundreds of campaigns and media, we know how to increase your leads, and their performance.


There's money in your CRM!

Are you running your sales lead system with business cards and paper?  Maybe you’ve graduated to Excel spreadsheets?   Maybe you are just using Outlook for contact management and email marketing.  To be competitive and keep your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine, an integrated CRM solution is vital to make sure that each lead, contact, and business opportunity is tracked, documented and set for the next activity each time it is touched by anyone in your organization.  Sales and Marketing Automation can set in motion processes that take no human time (payroll) to conduct and can multiply the results of your sales systems, lowering your marketing cost per sale greatly and increasing your sales and marketing profitability.  A good CRM solution provides reporting capabilities and data and information to make better sales and marketing decisions.

There has been a recent explosion in SaaS CRM solutions that can be mobilized as well.  It can be confusing to know which one may be the best choice.  Let us help you navigate the obstacle course and avoid if possible, the long term contracts, additional fees, and other surprises that can kill your profitability and flexibility to adapt to the ever changing business landscape today.


Have you grown to the size where an inside sales function, or customer service call center is needed for your business?  With 25 years of experiencing in managing, designing, implementing and managing call centers, we can make sure your call center is created, expanded, or just updated with the perfect combination of furnishings, telephony, equipment, CRM systems and technologies to optimize its profitability.

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Lets get's your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine.