Lets get's your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine.


If you haven’t had a lot of experience hiring, training, and bringing sales staff up to speed, there many ways to set yourself up for sales failure.  We have over 30 years of experience in hiring, training and managing the right salespeople in the right way.  We know how to select how design the sales job and find and select the best candidate to achieve your sales objectives.


We begin with economic modeling to know if there is a “sweet spot” where what you can pay, what the job market may require you to pay, and what results your new sales person will need to achieve to make it all work for you.  We can help you budget and plan for the incremental costs until the incremental revenues start pouring in.

We design a compelling comp plan to attract and retain the best sales people and keep them focused on the things you most want them to accomplish.

We help you craft the right job description for the position, with optimal performance standards and expectations.   We help you right compelling recruitment ads that help attract the right people




Our proven 7-Step qualification system will make sure you have the best candidates coming on board, who are the most ready, willing and able to help you succeed.

  1. Email response to our initial email addressing questions and concerns from their resume to prove their written sales and communications skills.
  2. Telephone interview addressing all the details between the lines on their resume to prove their telephone sales and communications skills.
  3. Face to Face interview to demonstrate their live presentation skills, sales skills, teachability, personality fit, and comp plan discussion.
  4. Sales style and personality assessments confirm their sales tendencies, strengths, and areas where they may need help and confirm fit for the the position…or not.
  5. Group Interview facilitated by us for the owner and any other applicable staff to get to know the candidate, ask the hard questions, and for the candidate to ask the hard questions of the owner and staff.  This is the acid test for both sides. Is there fit?
  6. Final hiring interview facilitated by us to negotiate the final comp plan, job description, and start up schedule.
  7. Background checks and reference checks to confirm the warm and fuzzies…or not.

But we’re not done yet!   All the progress made in hiring right can be unraveled if training and accountability are neglected in the first 30-60 days.  Our training program builds on your internal company and product training and add the sales skills and disciplines to build consistent results.

We even train your new salespeople and keep them accountable for both sales activities and results for at least the first 5 weeks.   Let us take this BIG headache off your hands, and all you need to do is welcome them to the company!

Between our stringent screening process, our due diligence, and our training and accountability sessions, we assure that your candidate will rank high in all four critical characteristics of most successful salespeople, that combine emotional intelligence with a drive to get sales DONE!

Empathy – the ability to see things through other’s eyes and understand other’s language and speak to it.
Curiosity – the innate need to know about others and ask conversation questions that get answers.  The need to know others is stronger than the need to be known by others.
Leadership – the ability to lead the client through a proven sales conversation and process to a specific end, engineering agreement all along the way by uncovering problems, priorities, personal interests, processes for making decisions, and how the Chamber facilitates the solution.  The commitment to move forward at the end of that conversation is fait accompli, usually without heavy sales tactics since sales resistance has already been resolved.
Accountability – the drive to succeed in taking an opportunity and multiplying it. Reporting is an opportunity to showcase their success.  They take initiative and responsibility instead of blaming, and know that “if it is to be it is up to me.”  They like to be known for their integrity, that what they say, they do, and are accountable first to their core values.


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Lets get's your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine.