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Speaking is empowering the audience to THINK more powerfully.

Training is empowering the audience to ACT more powerfully!

Personal Sales Dynamics offers a variety of presentations, seminars, and workshops in sales, sales management, team building, leadership, and business transformation.

So, I got my videos back from my presentation at the Business Game Changer Event – Selling the Change: Your Ultimate Value Proposition. Here is my highlight video. Working now on editing the full length version. Can't wait to get my full curriculum up on-line. Takin' it nationwide. I'd appreciate any feedback on what you felt were the most powerful points, and most importantly, any suggestions you have that would power-up my presentation. I am having so much fun!

Posted by Clay Neves on Friday, February 24, 2017

Topics of Expertise – Custom Training Solutions:

  • Systematic and Geometric Sales Expansion
  • Strategic Sales Analysis & Planning
  • Positioning and Creating a Unique Value Proposition
  • Creating Immediate Rapport and Building Trust
  • Strategic Networking
  • Building Repeat and Referral Sales Systems
  • Sales Scripting and Presentation
  • Psychology of Sales – Using Conditioned Response to Engineer Agreement
  • Power Thinking – Establish Self-Empowering Habits of Thought
  • Questioning Skills to Set Up Your Presentation and Close More Sales
  • Sales Management – Process Optimization
  • Sales Management – People Optimization
  • Team Building – Using SWOT Analysis to Perfect Your Team
  • Leadership – Getting All the Right Things Done Through Growing Other People

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Seminars and Workshops

Winning the Infinite Game of Profitable Business Relationships

Our flagship full day workshop that will empower you to attract, convert and retain more client relationships more profitably, and why the quality AND quantity of your business relationships are so critical to your success. It touches on principles and practices of strategic marketing and sales including how to optimize your positioning according to your SWOT analysis, how to craft your unique value statement, how to build immediate rapport, attract attention, heighten interest, build desire to do more, and motive your contact to action.  We also cover powerful questioning techniques to set up your presentation perfectly, and close sales powerfully.  You will also learn about sales systems – CRM, email marketing, etc, and sales management strategies to make your sales more systematic, more consistent, and more predictable.


Is your networking not working?  Do you consistently get referrals, sales, and repeat business from your networking activity?  Explore all the possibilities of how a new contact can fit into your circle of influence, and how you can fully tap into theirs!  Learn how to create value for your business from almost everyone you meet through networking, and how to expand your networking opportunities!  Learn how to create an introductory presentation that attracts your perfect clients and referrals.  Learn how to conduct powerful one-to-one interviews to build referral partnerships.  Learn why it is so much more lucrative sell THROUGH other people than TO other people to build and abundant flow of repeat and referral business. 

Using the Power of Conditioned Response To Create Instant Rapport, Get the Answers You Want, and Close More Sales

Are you tired of encountering so much sales resistance? Learn how to use the power of conditioned response to avoid saying and doing those things that trigger negative responses, and increase the things you say or do that trigger positive conditioned responses that engage your contact and motivate them to listen, believe what you say, and buy.  Explore how and why to use questions to effectively as one of the strongest conditioned response triggers to get the answers you want from your contacts, set up your presentation, and close more sales. Learn why you fall into bad habits of responding to resistance and how to create more productive conditioned responses for yourselves that are triggered by sales resistance to keep the sales process moving forward.

Career Marketing Strategies for the Unemployed and Underemployed

There are two options to unemployment or underemployment.  You can look for full time employment and compete with hundreds of others vying for a single position through the aggravation of HR screening, or you can explore the power of creating your own job, where you are often the only person being considered and speaking directly with the decision makers.   Stop looking for a job, and start looking for business problems that you are uniquely qualified to solve.  Learn how to create your own network of potential employers and how to get and keep them involved in your success!  PPP shows you how to take control of your own career and how to never be unemployed again. 

Planning and Implementing Innovation and Growth

Is your sales and marketing SOP (standard operating procedure) really nothing more than SOP (seat of pants)?  Are your sales feast or famine, with periods where you are only selling because you have little or no work, and periods where you are mostly working and have little or no time to sell?  Learn the importance of strategic sales planning and management to make your business consistently grow.  Learn how to analyze your previous sales activity to identify the proven gears and levers of your business and how to use them to achieve a specific sales and profitability objective, and how to implement your plan effectively.  You can use the same planning and implementation skills they used to reach the moon to reach your own lofty sales goals.  Learn how to scale your sales activities by hiring, training, and managing a successful sales staff, including job descriptions, standards of performance, and compensation plans.  Learn how to implement powerful sales systems to automate your marketing and sales process and build useful intelligence about your clients and prospective clients.  Make your sales scalable, systematic, and predictable.

Your Leap of Faith – Growing Your Sales Beyond Yourself

Are you a small business owner who struggles with the competing demands of doing everything in your business and still try to grow your business through increasing your sales? Have you thought about taking that leap of faith before, but have hesitated because of the risk? Or have you tried it and got burned?

Most new small business owners do most if not all of the sales themselves, but do not come from a professional sales or sales management background and with all the responsibiliities and interruptions of ownership, can only find 10-15 hours per week to sell! No wonder they struggle to grow.
Sales is the channel of growth. But how do you strategically take the sales channel beyond yourself as the business owner?

Learn how to move from the status quo to STATUS GROW. No business can continually and consistently grow without the RIGHT person(s) being 100% focused on nothing but attracting, engaging, and converting new clients!

There are 5 steps we will cover:

  1.   How to know if the time is right take the leap of faith of hiring a full time sales dynamo!
  2.  How to plan, budget, and prepare for hiring a full time sales pro if you’re not ready now.
  3.  How to improve your own sales results dramatically to increase sales and fund hiring when the time comes.
  4.  How to establish sales processes and systems to make sure ramp up is minimized.
  5.  How to recruit, hire, train, and manage for the quickest sales RESULTS!

9 Principles to Make Your Business Profitable

Based on the book In the Black by Allen Bostrom, ITB is geared more for business owners and executives who want to implement constant business improvement for consistent profitability improvement and growth of the business.  You will learn the Universal Business Model, how build your Wisdom Pyramid, the 9 Principles to grow Profitability and the Universal Business Improvement Model.  You will walk away with concrete ideas and actions to take to continuously make your business grow. Become the profit and growth expert for your own business, with In the Black!

Strategic Actions for Quick Small Business Turnaround

Based on the book “From Red to Black in 30 Days”, by Allen Bostrom, CPA, this presentation is geared primarily for business owners who’s business is in decline.  Learn how to plan, set up and manage your turn around project. Learn the 6 steps of gaining control of your cash flow, your expenses and your revenue generation.  Learn how to identify the causes of your decline and how to eliminate them.  Learn how to make all expenses accountable for driving revenue.  Implement your plan is six five-day periods and be amazed at how a good dose of knowledge and discipline can quickly turn your business around. 

10 Ways to Create a Profitable Speaking and Seminar Sales Channel

Having developed and managed a seminar sales channel successfully to 860% growth, Clay Neves will take you through how to sell your own expertise through seminars, workshops, and speaking engagements.     Learn how to use both paid and free presentations to build sales.  Learn how to transform you expertise and what you know in your head into a powerful verbal and graphic presentation that persuades and calls to action.  Learn presentation skills that will make you powerful before an audience.  

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Lets get's your sales engine running like a finely tuned machine.